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This fall, we are looking for all the ways to keep kids healthy. We spoke with our favorite chiropractors, Dr. Jina and Dr. Anthony of Revitalize Chiropractic in Sarasota, to get some tips and find out how chiropractic care can help babies, children, and adults stay healthy.

What are some things parents can do to keep their kids healthy for going back to school?

-Boost Immunity! Prioritize sleep, multivitamins, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Vitamin SEA (Beach time)! Laugh a lot! Spend time outdoors! GET ADJUSTED! Chiropractic adjustments can help with overall health, focus, immunity, growth & development of the nervous system!! 

How does chiropractic care benefit overall health?

Chiropractic care is good for the whole nervous system. Our nervous system controls and coordinates every other function in the body. So for kids, this means optimizing their opportunity for the best growth & development!

The health & happiness of our child is the most important thing a parent focuses on!   Chiropractic care has been proven to be safe and effective at improving the overall well-being of our children.

Who should see a chiropractor?

Everyone with a spine! At Revitalize we focus on prenatal, pediatric care and families! We believe that healthy kids grow into healthy adults.

Because our technique is so gentle and specific we love to see mom, dad, & grandparents as well!  

What benefits does chiropractic care offer children?

When our nervous system functions optimally, kids can see changes with constipation, sleep, focus, temper, posture, decreased frequency of ear infections, bed wetting, asthma & allergies. Chiropractic promotes proper growth and development and limits health challenges. By teaching our children early to be proactive with their health instead of reactive, we set them up for success with their health in the future! 

What are the effects of children sitting in front of a computer screen all day and how can chiropractic care help with this?

Chiropractors have been dealing with “Forward Head Position” aka “Text Neck” for a long time. We have found that excessive screen time has lasting effects on posture and muscle tone in the future. We recommend setting screens at eye level or higher! If watching TV, reading a book, or playing on a tablet we recommend having kids lay flat on their bellies and propping up their elbows to get an upward facing head! 

What areas do you specialize in?

At Revitalize we focus on prenatal & postpartum care and pediatrics. We use a gentle and specific, neurologically based technique! 

-Dr. Jina & Dr. Anthony of Revitalize Chiropractic

Learn more about chiropractic care and the Revitalize Chiropractic team here!

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